Officially my Erasmus has started. During last two weeks I was learning Swedish, bravely trying to pronounce words properly (but when I tried to communicate only in Swedish in the supermarket, they thought I speak German, so my accent isn’t the best). Meanwhile I was trying to:
– get a bike (and you must know that shop with second hand bikes was for the first couple of days like USOSweb when the registration starts. That crowdy.)
– Make some friends (that one is not bad actually, people are here extremely friendly)

– Not to get lost in the city (I still ride a bike with GPS, but it’s better every day, I swear!) – Figure out what exactly I want to visit in Scandinavia during this semester (and discover that absolutely everything, which I obviously can’t afford). Maybe I’ll make a bucket list?

– And contact with my University (it’s freaking impossible and very frustrating, because they’re still on holidays and I don’t have all documents yet).

Wish me luck!